Signs of the Time: Why Digital Signage is on The Rise

Digital signs are pretty darn popular these days. They are no longer the mammoth devices that are strapped to Japanese city buildings. We are seeing digital signs everywhere from theme parks to mom-and-pop sweet stores. Digital signs are popular and are continuing to grow in popularity. Here are a few reasons why companies, institutions, events and even households are buying digital signs.

The Cost of Digital Signs is Very Low

China has destroyed western manufacturing because their government devalues their own currency so that their export prices are crazy low. This is bad news for people hoping to run businesses in the West but it is great news for people who want electronic products like digital signs. The cost of digital signs is a fraction of what they were twenty years ago, and so long as China is the manufacturing center of the world, then prices will remain low.

Digital Signage Software is Very Easy to Use

When something becomes more popular, operating it becomes a lot easier. Look at how difficult it was to drive a car just ten years ago when compared with today. Look at how difficult it was to operate your Smartphone when compared with today. Digital sign software has been honed and refined to the point where it is now very easy and very intuitive to use. Companies like Kitcast have made digital sign software cross-compatible and it is as close to plug-and-play as this type of software has ever been.

People Have Found More Uses For Digital Signs

They used to be the flashy things you put in your windows to attract people, or that you put in your store to promote your stuff. Nowadays, digital signs are being used in places like McDonalds so that people can make their orders and pay without approaching the checkout staff. We are seeing digital signs in call centers that tell the staff the wait time stats and the call success rate stats. People are using digital signs to demonstrate their products and to entertain people with their products.

Even products that can be physically held in store cannot be seen and tested in store, but digital signs allow people to see their potential purchases in action. Plus, the digital sign only displays the more appealing parts of a product and leaves out things like how much noise it makes, how much mess it makes and so forth, which helps to cast the product in the best possible light for the customer. More and more people are finding new and interesting ways to use their digital signs, and so the trend is continuing to grow. 

They Are Pandemic Friendly

Why have people breathing all over your checkout staff when you can have people make their orders on a digital sign and pay through a digital sign? Why have people asking your staff for directions and help when they can get it from digital signs? Removing staff members from customer interactions used to be a horrifying thought, but these days, people want less human interaction and that is where digital signs shine.

Digital Signs Offer a Bridge Between The Online and Offline World

Stores are suffering from the fact that people buy things online. Sure, it is better to try on clothes rather than receiving them from a Chinese merchant online and finding out they are too small. Yet, there are many items where people would easily rather buy online. In fact, it is quite common for people to see things in stores and then buy them online. There is no stopping this directly, but you can bridge the gap in store by offering digital signs with demonstrations, with comparisons, and even with reviews on them. They help ease people away from checking their phone and perhaps encourage people to buy in store.

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