Why choosing to go Italian is hugely popular in Surfers Paradise

Heading to Surfers Paradise is something thousands love doing to get away from the city and to forget all about any hassles while being by the stunning refreshing ocean and feeling even better. It’s somewhere that many others have decided to call home, to enjoy all it has to offer every day.

Then of course holidaymakers head from locations around the globe to enjoy the 2km of beach, the Nerang River, and all the amenities and attractions that make it the perfect seaside city destination. Of course, many of the activities take up energy, like swimming and surfing, which need some refuelling. There’s no better way of doing that than joining others wishing to enjoy delicious fare at a quality Italian restaurant Surfers Paradise has to offer.

  • With so many restaurants offering a choice, it is good to visit one that is part of a growing chain run by a family, after starting in Western Sydney. Their food and service proved to be so popular that it was an easy choice to expand and grow the business so that many diners could enjoy an affordable, friendly, and authentic Italian dining environment.
  • Southern Italian hospitality is guaranteed at the restaurant that serves traditional food that is made and served with loving care professionally. Using the freshest ingredients and using family members and friends ensures that everyone who visits or tries the food will be left with a lasting impression that makes them want more. Feeling good and wanting to feel even better might lead to learning about yoga and why it can improve health.
  • The restaurant, named after founder and chef Enzo Marturano offers the ideal option for those looking for lunch, maybe as part of a day out at the coast, as well as for those looking for somewhere to enjoy a relaxed and cosy dining experience, allowing conversation and wine to flow while enjoying mouthwatering Italian favourites.
  • There is a whole range of classics to choose from, including a set menu which offers tremendous value with many choices available to put together the perfect meal for parties of 12 or more. Tapas are offered as well as cakes for those with a sweet tooth, while a bar tab can be provided to allow diners to kick back and relax. There is even a 3-hour package available for alcohol or soft drinks.
  • Pizzas might be ideal after enjoying the fresh breeze of the ocean, or maybe pasta to reenergize the body following fun among the waves. For those with a larger appetite, beef cheek or a lamb shank might be to their taste after a visit to a local attraction.
  • What better venue to arrange a function than at an Italian restaurant that will provide everything needed to ensure that the gathering is a huge success, be it for family, friends, organization, or a work outing.

Choosing from a quality restaurant at Surfers will leave diners content and wanting to return to enjoy the further friendly ambience and beautiful food.

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