The Structure of an Essay: What Should It Include?

Writing essays is fun if you know the right structure and points to include. In college, it is part of the daily activities. Almost every day, you have to submit structured long text on a given topic to get good grades. 

This is how to start the cycle of getting high grades and graduating from college or school. Therefore, it is obvious you should know how to write an essay. And if you don’t, we are here to help. 

We will discuss the structure of an essay and where to put the facts and information on the topic. 

There are different types of essays – 

  • Descriptive essays 
  • Argumentative essays 
  • Narrative essays 
  • Expository essays 

Though they are different from each other, they have a common structure. 

So, let us discuss how you can structurize your essay and make it presentable and informative. Here it goes – 

Structure of the Essay 

The structure is an integral part of academic writing. It helps you to present your ideas and facts clearly to the readers. 

Often in an essay, you have to present an argument or necessary fact. In that case, the structure becomes crucial to increasing the readability of the text summarized. 

It is basically the blueprint you must follow while correctly presenting your subjective analysis.  

Remember, presentation positively affects the reader’s mind when they go through the article. That’s why we suggest the following model for writing long paragraphs –

1: PEEL Format

PEEL’s method of writing suggests a unique model for the writers to present their composition to the readers. The structure has had a positive effect on scoring high grades in exams. 

Most teachers suggest the format to students to make the article relevant and informative. 

The model stands for – 

P: Point (introduction and writing the main point or the thesis statement) 

E: Explanation (explain the main point, it can be more than one sentence) 

E; Evidence (provide the relevant information, statistics, or quotes to make the thesis statement relevant) 

L: Link to the statement (conclude paragraph linking with the next paragraph) 

Note: You can give more than one piece of evidence to explain the relevant point of the essay. 

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After understanding the model, we need to shift toward an essay’s structure, often written in five paragraphs. Here lies the design of the paper – 

2: Introduction 

It is the first paragraph of the composition, where you have to introduce your writing to the audience. The introduction indicates readers towards the subject and presents the points. 

Hardly there is any affirmative word count or sentence suggested for this part. A sentence or even a page of long paragraphs can be the introduction. As per the word count, adjustments are made. 

Generally, when we write an introduction, we must follow a structure. Here are a few of them – 


This type of introduction begins with multiple sentences discussing the aim of the study. After that, a thesis statement opposes the opinion and belief.  


A preferable choice for every university, as it makes the introduction more aesthetically pleasing and organized. 

To write the first part according to the format. Here are the norms to follow – 

  • Begin the part with a generalized statement.
  • You can use a hook sentence to attract the reader. 
  • Narrow down the subject by explaining the topic. 
  • Then discuss the structure and the points you will add throughout the topic.

Big Bang 

Just like it sounds, it is the way to keep the readers intrigued from the get-go. For this format, you need to begin with facts or some relevant knowledge to keep the reader hooked to the essay. 

Note: It is better to write the introduction at the end of the essay because they know what you have written. Another point is to avoid generalized cliches, as it ruins the crispness of the paper. 

3. Body 

Generally, it is said to write a composition in five paragraphs where three parts are kept for the “body” section. It is the part where you develop the essay by adding relevant facts and information. 

Ensure that each point discusses a single point thoroughly to make the article more scholarly. Each paragraph is the building block of composition and makes it relevant to the viewer. 

Yet again, we follow a format to write the present section. Generally – 


It aids a writer with an organized way to structure the essay’s body part. 

TEECL stands for – 

  • Topic sentence: The first sentence of the body tells the reader the aim of the study
  • Explanation: In this part, you need to explain the main point clearly and thoroughly 
  • Evidence: Add the necessary evidence to support the explanation. You can use statistics or quotes to increase the relevancy of the topic sentence. Remember to use evidence citation for the information you are adding. 
  • Comment: Every piece of information you choose has its strength and weakness. You will decide how the given knowledge matches the study’s aim. 
  • Link: You should know how to link each paragraph with each other and make the flow of information smoothly

Caution: For the evidence section, you can choose evidence from different academic journals, peer-reviewed articles, government websites, and news articles. Other than that, academically speaking, it will be considered as false data. 

4. Conclusion 

Well, it is the part where you end the article. Hence, it is important to re-emphasize the main point of the essay. 

For that, you can follow a model – 

Recommend Action 

If you choose this model, then you must recommend or suggest some actions that improve the given condition of the matter. Ensure that the suggestive points are relevant and align with the subject matter. 

Up-Side Down Funnel 

It begins with the restated thesis statement, and after that, the portion reaches toward a broader generalized term. In this way, you can tell what you wrote. 

Call For Further Research 

Every essay has its strengths and limitations. And based on the weakness, you can write your conclusion by stating the requirement for further research. This will increase the falsifiability of your essay. 

Wrapping In A Structured Way 

In the concluding segment, we can say that give more emphasis on the reference section and present your understanding. Plagiarism is a heinous crime in the academic sector. 

If you are ever caught, that is the end of your academic life. So, be careful and be authentic. 

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