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IHOP Menu with Prices Updated 2021


About IHOP


Are you getting to have an exquisite breakfast tomorrow morning, and you’re getting to attend IHOP? If yes, then you don’t want to go there without knowing their latest menu. So during this article, I will be able to tell you the newest IHOP menu with prices.

But the IHOP menu isn’t the sole thing I will tell you during this article. Besides that, I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information, and, therefore, the nutritional breakdown of the things present on the IHOP menu. But before knowing all this, let’s inspect the history of IHOP.

IHOP (also referred to as International House of Pancakes) is an American multinational pancake house chain that focuses on breakfast foods. It was founded by Al Lapin, Jerry Lapin, and Albert Kalis in 1958. They opened the primary IHOP store in Glendale, California, us.

The restaurant is ideal for families due to their relaxing ambiance and, therefore, the quality food that you simply are becoming. Customers also just like the behavior of their staff as they’re welcoming and friendly.

Hearty Omelettes Prices

Big Steak Omelette $10.99
Country Omelette $9.99
Hearty Ham & Cheese Omelette $9.99
Bacon Omelette $9.99
Spinach Mushroom Omelette $9.59
Celerado Omelette $10.99
Garden Omelette $9.49
Chicken Fajita Omelette $10.79

Simple & Fit Prices

Simple & Fit Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette $8.99
Simple & Fit $8.99
Simple & Fit Veggie Omelette $8.99
Corned Beef Hash & Cheese Omelette $9.99

Create Your Own Omelette Prices

Two Bacon Strips   $7.49
Two Pork Sausage Links $7.49
1 Oz Ham   $7.49
2 Oz Extra Cheese   $7.49
1 Oz. Oven Roasted Tomatoes   $7.49
1 Oz. Green Peppers & Onions   $7.49
2 Oz Tomatoes   $7.49
2 Oz Fresh Spinach   $7.49
2 Oz Mushrooms   $7.49

Breakfast Combinations Prices

Breakfast Sampler $9.49
T-Bone-Steak & Eggs $14.99
Sirloin Tips & Eggs $11.99
Country Fried Steak & Eggs $9.29
Smokehouse Combo $9.29
Biscuits & Gravy Combo $7.99
Solid Decision Breakfast $8.99
Thick-Cut Bone-In Ham & Egg $10.29
Quick Two Egg Breakfast $6.79
Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast $7.49
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs $8.99
Eggs Benedict $9.99

French Toast, Waffles & Sweet Crepes Prices

Stuffed French Toast Combo $8.99
Strawberry Banana French Toast $7.99
Simple & Fit Whole Wheat French Toast Combo $7.49
Cinn-A-Stack $7.99
Original French Toast $6.99
Belgian Waffle Combo $7.99
Belgian Waffle Combo $8.79
Also Available Belgian Waffle $6.79
Also Available Belgian Waffle $7.59
Strawberry Banana Danish Fruit Crepes $6.99
Nutella Crepes $6.99
Swedish Crepes $6.79
Simple & Fit Seasonal Fresh Fruit Crepes $7.99
Cheese $8.49
Cheese $7.99

International Crepe Passport Prices

Nutella Crepes   $7.99
Swedish Crepes   $7.99
Strawberry Banana Danish Fruit Crepe   $7.99
Fresh Fruit Crepe   $7.99
German Crepes   $7.99

Savory Crepes Prices

Garden Stuffed Crepes $8.29
Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Crepes $8.29
Chicken Florentine Crepes $8.99

Simple & Fit Prices

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla $7.49
Steak Fajita Quesadilla $7.49
Appetizer Sampler $8.99
Monster Mozza Sticks $5.99
Onion Rings $3.99

Appetizers Prices

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla $7.49
Steak Fajita Quesadilla $7.49
Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries $8.99
Appetizer Sampler $8.99
Monster Mozza Sticks $5.99
Onion Rings $3.99

World Famous Pancake Combos Prices

Pancake Platter $7.29
Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity $7.99
Simple & Fit $7.49
Two, Two & Two $6.29
Simple & Fit Two, Two & Two $7.49

Pick-A-Pancake Combo Prices

Original Buttermilk $8.49
Cinn-A-Stack  $8.49
Double Blueberry  $8.49
Chocolate Chip  $8.49
New York Cheesecake  $8.49
Strawberry Banana  $8.49
Honest Grain ‘N Nut  $8.49
Cinnamon Apple  $8.49
Strawberry $8.49

Three Eggs & Pancakes Prices

Four Bacon Strips $7.99
Four Turkey Bacon Strips $8.29
Four Port Sausage Links $7.99
Two Slices Of Canadian Style Bacon $8.29
Four Turkey Sausage Links $8.29
4oz Ham Steak $7.99

Pancake Flavors Prices

Double Blueberry Pancakes $7.79
Chocolate Chip Cakes $7.49
Cinn-A-Stack $7.49
New York Cheesecake Pancakes $7.79
Strawberry Banana Pancakes $7.79
Harvest Grain ‘N Nut’ Pancakes $7.49
Harvest Grain ‘N Nut’ Pancakes $8.29
Original Buttermilk Pancakes $6.49

Fresh Salads Prices

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $9.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $7.29
Crispy Chicken Salad $9.79
Crispy Chicken Salad $9.79
Simple & Fit Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Bowl $5.99
Simple & Fit Fruit Bowl $4.99
Simple & Fit House Salad $2.99
Side Caesar Salad $3.49
Chicken & Spinach Salad $9.99

House Salad Prices

Philly Cheese Steak Stacker $9.99
Turkey & Bacon Club Sandwich $8.99
Double BLT $7.79
Ham & Egg Melt $7.99
Tuscan Chicken Griller $8.99
Simple & Fit Simply Chicken Sandwich $7.49
Pot Roast Melt $8.99
Chicken Clubhouse Super Stacker $9.99
Patty Melt $7.99

Sandwiches & Burgers Prices

Philly Cheese Steak Stacker $9.99
Turkey & Bacon Club Sandwich $8.99
Double BLT $7.79
Ham & Egg Melt $7.99
Tuscan Chicken Griller $8.99
Simple & Fit Simply Chicken Sandwich $7.49
Pot Roast Melt $8.99
Chicken Clubhouse Super Stacker $9.99
Patty Melt $7.99

Bacon ‘N Beef In Burgers

Burger ‘N Beef Cheeseburger $7.99
Bacon ‘N Beef Bacon & Egg “Cheeseburger $8.59
Bacon ‘N Beef’ Bacon Cheeseburger $8.99
Bacon ‘N Beef Mega Mushroom Burger $8.99
Monster Bacon N Beef Cheeseburger $9.99

Hearty Dinner Favorites

T-Bone Steak $14.99
Sirloin Steak Tips Dinner $12.99
Thick Cut Bone-In Ham Dinner $10.99
Country Fried Steak $9.99
Grilled Tilapia Hollandaise $10.99
Simple & Fit Grilled Tilapia $9.99
Maul-Style Crunchy Shrimp $10.99
Mediterranean Lemon Chicken $10.99
Simple & Fit Grilled Balsamic-Glazed Chicken $9.99
Crispy Chicken Strips $10.29
French Onion Pot Roast $9.99

Signature Soups

Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup  $2.99
Soup Of The Day  $2.99

Take-Two Combos

House Salad  $7.29
Side Caesar Salad  $7.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit  $7.29
Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup $7.29
Soup Of The Day  $7.29
Half Turkey Sandwich  $7.29
Half Pot Roast Melt Sandwich  $7.29
Half Double BLT Sandwich  $7.29

Specialty Entrees

Senior Omelette $6.29
Senior Sampler $5.59
Senior Two, Two & Two $5.99
Rise ‘N Shine $5.99
Senior French Toast $5.49
Simple & Fit Senior Buttermilk Pancakes $4.49
Senior Grilled Tilapia Hollandaise $7.49
Senior Pot Roast $6.99
Senior Mediterranean Lemon Chicken $8.49
Senior Rooty $4.99
Senior Rooty $0.99

Just For Kids

Create-A- Face Pancake $4.49
Rooty Jr. $4.49
Funny Face $4.49
Silver Five $4.49
French Toast $3.99
Cheese Omelette $4.49
Baby Cakes $4.49
Jr. Scrambled Egg & Pancake $3.99
Crispy Chicken Strips $4.49
Cheeseburger $4.49
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.99
Macaroni & Cheese $4.49
Jr. Fish Tilapia Lightly $4.49
Jr. Fresh Fruit Dish $7.99

Kid’s Dessert

Kid’s Ice Cream Sundae $1.99

Kid’s Drinks

Soft Drinks  $0.99
Chocolate Milk  $0.99
Kids Betdos  $0.99
Milk  $0.99
Hot Chocolate  $0.99
Juice  $0.99

Delicious Desserts

Ice Cream Sundae $3.99
Ice Cream $1.69
Fruit Crepe $3.99
Crispy Strawberry Banana Cheesecake $4.29
Crispy Strawberry Banana Cheesecake $5.29
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake $2.99
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake $3.99


Smirnoff Vodka Updated Prices, Flavors & Mixed Drinks 2021

Smirnoff Vodka Prices
Smirnoff Vodka Prices

About Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff may be a very fashionable brand of vodka that was founded by Pyotr Smirnov in 1807. He started the corporate in Moscow, Russia, by perfecting the charcoal filtration method.

Smirnoff Vodka Prices
Smirnoff Vodka Prices

The brand gained enormous success and as soon holding two-thirds of the Moscow market by 1886. Smirnoff has been the simplest selling vodka globally for several years now, and its popularity only keeps on growing. British giant Diageo currently owns the corporate.

So during this article, I will tell you the newest Smirnoff Vodka prices, Probably one among the simplest classic vodka cocktails. Besides that, I will be able to also tell you the sorts of Smirnoff Vodka and, therefore, the various cocktails you’ll make using Smirnoff Vodka.
Smirnoff Vodka Prices

Know about Price Dependence

The Smirnoff Vodka prices depend upon the dimensions of the bottle you’re buying. The corporate usually manufactures a 750 ml bottle and a 1.75 ml bottle. you’ll buy Smirnoff Vodka from any supermarket brand like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Sam’s Club, and lots more.

Like other Vodka brands, Smirnoff Vodka also comes in several varieties like Ruby Red grapefruit, blueberry, cherry, citrus, cranberry, grape, green apple, lime, mango, orange, peach, raspberry, strawberry, marshmallow, and vanilla.

You can also make a spread of Smirnoff Vodka that I’ll tell you later during this article. But before that, let’s inspect the newest Smirnoff

What are the prices for Smirnoff Vodka?

Walmart Prices

Smirnoff Citrus Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff Iced Cake Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 1.75l $17.97
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka 750ml $12.97
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 750ml $12.97

Walgreens Prices

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 750ml $14.99
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 1.75l $24.99
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka 750ml $14.99

Target Prices

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 750ml $13.99
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka Traveler 1.75l $20.99
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka 750ml $13.99
Smirnoff Sorbet Light White Peach Vodka 750ml $15.99
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 750ml $13.99

Sam’s Club Prices

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 1.75l $17.91

CVS Prices

Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 375ml $9.99
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 750ml $17.49
Smirnoff No.21 Vodka 1.75l $27.99
Smirnoff Citrus Vodka 750ml 17.49
Smirnoff Peach Vodka 750ml 17.49
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka 750ml 17.49
Smirnoff Sorbet Light Mango Passion Fruit Vodka 750ml 17.49
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 750ml 17.49


Smirnoff Vodka Review

Popeyes Menu with Latest Prices [Updated 2021]


Have you been really in the mood of getting fried chicken as well as the name which Comes from your thoughts is Popeyes? If so, then you have come to the ideal location. Because within the following guide, I’ll say that the hottest Popeyes menu with costs.

However, Popeyes menu is not the only thing that I will tell you within this article. But before understanding this, let us check some background about Popeyes.

Popeyes is an American based restaurant chain which has been founded by Al Copeland in 1972. The very first store of this Popeyes has been New Orleans, Louisiana.

However, The majority of the people today call it Popeyes. The restaurant is popular for the fried poultry meals as fried chicken has ever been American’s initial priority in regards to food.

Chicken Combos

Bonafide Chicken – Dinner 2 Pc. $5.29
Bonafide Chicken – Combo 2 Pc. $6.79
Bonafide Chicken – Dinner 3 Pc. $6.49
Bonafide Chicken – Combo 3 Pc. $7.99
Bonafide Chicken – Dinner 4 Pc. $7.69
Bonafide Chicken – Combo 4 Pc. $9.19
Wings – Dinner 3 Pc. $6.49
Wings – Combo 3 Pc. $7.99
Bonafide Chicken Mixed – 5 Biscuits & 2 Large Sides (Limited Time) 11 Pc. $21.99

Updated Grateful Dead Drink Original Cocktail Recipe


Even the Grateful Dead Drink Steak, a Nicely Cocktail is one of the unique Drinks you will ever have. It’s prepared with a mixture of five different alcohols- Tequila, Rum, Gin, Chambord, and Vodka. This cocktail can cause you to be a small hazy if used in massive doses.

This cocktail is also super easy to make any time and anywhere in about 5 minutes. And within the following article, I’ll inform you that the Grateful Dead Cocktail Recipe that you can create at home.

You can make a pitcher in to keep guests topped up all evening.

Grateful Dead Drink Ingredients

  • 1 Oz Blanco Tequila
  • 1 Oz White Rum
  • 1 Oz Gin
  • 1 Oz Vodka
  • 1 Oz Raspberry Liqueur (Try Chambord)
  • 0.75 Oz Lemon Juice

Grateful Dead Drink Recipe

  • Add all the ingredients to a shaker tin with cubed ice. Shake.
  • Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the cocktail over fresh ice in a highball glass.
  • Garnish with a wheel of lemon.

Grateful Dead Drink Nutritional Information

If you love to drink different types of cocktails and also are a diet conscious person, then here is the full nutritional breakdown of the Grateful Dead Cocktail.

Calories 403
Total Fat 0.1g
Sodium 11mg
Potassium 1mg
Total Carbohydrates 19.3g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Iron 1%
Calcium 1%

Cheesecake Factory Menu Prices 20201


Cheesecake Factory is a American restaurant Business and distributor Of cheesecakes based in the USA. The company was founded in 1972 as a grocery store shop by David M. Overton in Los Angles, California.

However, It had been in 1978 when David M. Overton chose to make her bakery Shop a restaurant. And since 1978, the company has managed to run 211 full-service restaurants: 195 under The Cheesecake Factory manufacturer, 14 below the Grand Lux Cafe new and two beneath the RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen manufacturer.

It is famous for the cheesecake and dessert choices, but it is also

So in this article, I will tell you that the Cheesecake Factory menu. And Apart from the menu, then I will also inform you exactly the franchising details, Contact information and nutrient breakdown of every item on the Cheesecake Factory menu.

What are Waffle House menu prices? See updated list.

Waffle House
Waffle House

About Waffle House

Waffle House
Waffle House

Individuals who migrate from 1 town to another are concerned about the restaurants and places who’s best and who’s the worst one, and today you are struggling from one to another, and you are a foodie who likes to eat Waffles however you don’t know who is the best one.

While searching for the top one, you came to my site where I will provide you the best Waffle home in town, and the great name of the Waffle House is Waffle House. In the forthcoming lines, I shall supply you with comprehensive information regarding the Waffle House.

I will provide the information regarding the Waffle House Menu prices, contact info, franchise information, and nutritional breakdown of the things present in Waffle House Menu Prices.

I will initiate the information by offering them information about the background of Waffle House. Waffle House is a classic restaurant chain founded by Joe Rogers Sr. Tom Forkner. They opened their restaurant on Labour day weekend on 5 September 1955 at 2719 East College Avenue in Avondale Estates, Georgia.

Waffle House Locations

At present, they’ve over 2,100 locations worldwide with over one lakh employees, and it is known for serving fast food with table support with around-the-clock availability.
Waffle House Menu Prices

Waffle House Menu consists of yummy toddle home omelets, sumptuous steaks and egg, exemplary eggs, tasty waffles, savory sandwiches, and texas melt, healthful hashbrowns, energy booster java.

Waffle House menu also needs to appeal 100 percent Angus Burgers, Texas melts, sizzling steaks, attractive classic combos, chili and dish with tasty beverages, delectable children with building your combination beans.

They also have jukeboxes continually playing at the back that have 45-rpm singles traditionally. They also released music via its record labels.Waffle House prices are reasonable. It is possible to find a terrific breakfast for about $10. So, without waiting, let’s check the hottest Waffle House Menu Prices.

Waffle House has more than 2,100 outlets from the USA’s 25 nations; the brand has its existence in states including Texas, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona. So if you would like to open a Waffle House grocery store, here is the cost afterward.

Waffle House has over 2,100 outlets in the USA’s 25 nations, ” The brand has its existence in states including Texas, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona. So if you’d like to start a Waffle House grocery store, here’s your price then.

Waffle House Menu and Prices

Waffle House menu

Toddle House Omelets Prices

Ham & Cheese (Omelet) $5.85
Fiesta $6.50
Cheesesteak $6.50
Cheese $5.45
Make It a 3-Egg Omelet $0.40
Hold the Yolks $0.50

Steak and Eggs Prices

T-Bone & Eggs (10 oz.) $10.70
Steak & Eggs (5 oz.) $8.85
Country Ham & Eggs $7.20
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops & Eggs (2 Chops) $7.80
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops & Eggs (3 Chops) $9.80
Grilled Chicken & Eggs (1 Breast) $7.25
Grilled Chicken & Eggs (2 Breast) $9.25

Eggs Prices

3 Eggs $4.00
2 Eggs $3.60
1 Egg $3.20
Cheese ‘N Eggs $4.60

Waffles Prices

Waffle (Single) $3.05
Waffle (Double) $4.05
Pecan Waffle $3.55
Add Chocolate Chips or Peanut Butter Waffle $0.25

Sandwiches and Texas Melts Prices

Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich $3.85
Sausage Egg & Cheese Texas Melt $4.65
Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich $3.85
Bacon Egg & Cheese Texas Melt $4.65

Value Dollar Meal Prices

Grilled Biscuit & Jelly $1.00
Original” Angus Hamburger (Value Dollar Menu) $1.00
Double “Original” Angus Cheeseburger $2.00
Grilled Chicken Biscuit $3.00
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Grits Bowl $3.00
Grilled Sausage or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit $3.00
Two Grilled Biscuits & Sausage Gravy $3.00
Two Grilled Sausage or Bacon Biscuits $3.00
1 Egg Breakfast & Drink $4.00
Bert’s Chili & 3 Toppings $4.00
Hashbrowns Scattered “All the Way” $5.00
Pecan Waffle & Drink $5.00
Grilled Ham & Cheese with Hashbrowns $5.00

Sides Prices

Bacon (3 Slices) $2.70
Bacon (5 Slices) $3.80
Sausage (2 Patties) $2.70
Sausage (3 Patties) $3.80
City Ham $2.70
Country Ham $4.05
Bowl of Grits (Regular) $1.95
Bowl of Grits (Large) $2.45
Bowl of Cheese Grits $2.45

Kids Meals Prices

Waffle House menu prices

Kid’s Waffle with Bacon or Sausage $4.25
Kid’s 1 Egg Breakfast $4.25

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Most Popular Meal

Bacon Angus Cheeseburger Deluxe with Hashbrowns $6.65
Bacon Angus Double Cheeseburger Deluxe with Hashbrowns $8.15
Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese Deluxe with Hashbrowns $7.40
Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt with Hashbrowns $7.65
Texas Bacon Patty Melt with Hashbrowns $7.45
T-Bone Steak Dinner with a Garden Salad, Hashbrowns, and Texas Toast $11.00

Texas Melts

Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt $5.70
Texas Bacon Chicken Melt $5.75
Texas Bacon Patty Melt $5.50
Texas Cheesesteak Melt $4.60
Texas Angus Patty Melt $4.40
Texas Grilled Chicken Melt $4.65
Texas Sausage Melt $4.25

100% Angus Burgers

Double Cheeseburger $5.10
Bacon Cheeseburger $4.70
Cheeseburger $3.60
Hamburger $3.10
Original” Angus Hamburger $1.00

Wraps and Sandwiches

Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese $5.45
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.85
Ham & Cheese $3.90
Texas Bacon Lover’s B.L.T. $4.55
Grilled Cheese $2.35


T-Bone Steak (10 oz.) $11.00
Sirloin (5 oz.) $9.05

Classic Dinners

Papa Joe’s Pork Chops (2 Chops) $8.40
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops (3 Chops) $10.40
Grilled Chicken (1 Breast) $7.95
Grilled Chicken (2 Breast) $9.95


Papa Joe’s Pork Chops (2 Chops) $8.40
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops (3 Chops) $10.40
Grilled Chicken (1 Breast) $7.95
Grilled Chicken (2 Breast) $9.95


Garden Salad $3.15
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.95

Kid’s Meal

Kid’s Cheeseburger with Hashbrowns $4.25
Kid’s Grilled Cheese with Hashbrowns $4.25


Southern Pecan or Triple Chocolate (Regular) $2.25
Southern Pecan or Triple Chocolate (Small) $1.25


Hashbrowns (Regular) $1.95
Hashbrowns (Large) $2.45
Hashbrowns (Triple) $2.70
Hashbrowns “All the Way” (Regular) $5.00
First Topping $0.50
Additional Topping $0.40


Soft Drinks $1.80
Alice’s Iced Tea $1.80
Alice’s Iced Tea-Monade $1.80
Lemonade $1.80
Orange Juice (Large) $1.80
Orange Juice – To Go (Regular) $1.80
Orange Juice – To Go (Large) $2.30
Ice Cold Milk (Regular) $1.80
Ice Cold Milk (Large) $2.10
Ice Cold Milk – To Go (Regular) $1.80
Ice Cold Milk – To Go (Large) $2.30
Chocolate Milk (Regular) $1.80
Chocolate Milk (Large) $2.30
Hot Chocolate $1.80
Hot Tea $1.80


Classic $1.80
Decaf $1.80
Dark Roast $1.80
Coffee – To Go (Regular) $1.80
Coffee – To Go (Large) $2.30

What are CiCi’s Pizza Prices in 2020? See updated list

CiCis Pizza
CiCis Pizza

About CiCi’s Pizza

CiCis Pizza
CiCis Pizza

CiCi’s Pizza is an American buffet restaurant chain based in Texas. Joe Croce and Mike Cole founded it in 1985 at Plato, Texas. And since 1985, CiCi’s Pizza has managed to open more than 600 stores in different parts of America.

As you may have known from the name that the brand is specialized in making pizzas. Apart from pizzas, CiCi’s Pizza has also made a name by expanding their buffet offering in a very affordable price range.

As you may have known from the name, I will tell you the CiCi’s Pizza menu in this article. Apart from the menu, I will tell you the contact and franchising information of CiCi’s Pizza.

CiCi’s Pizza has more than 600 restaurants in 35 states of America. It’s the greatest pizza buffet franchise in the united states and this is the way it will cost you to open up a CiCi’s Pizza store.

CiCi’s Pizza Menu with Prices

CiCi Pizza new prices CiCi Pizza prices

CiCi’s Pizza menu is known for its wide variety of Pizza. The ingredients used in their Pizza mainly consist of meats, fresh and cooked vegetables, and herbs to the quirky chocolates, marshmallows, and tofu, among others.

Using all these ingredients, you can have a buffet having your customized Pizza at an affordable price. You can get a decent meal here for around $10. So let’s check out the CiCi’s menu that I’ve been talking about-

Buffet Updated Prices

Adult $5.99
Kids Combo (Includes Kids Drink, Ages 4-10) $4.49
Kids 3 & Under $1.39

Wings Updated Prices

Wings 5 Pc. $4.49
Wings 10 Pc. $8.49
Wings 20 Pc. $15.99

Prices for Drinks

Kids (Ages 10 and Under Only) $1.39
Regular $1.99
Large $2.29

CiCi’s Pizza (Traditional Crust) Prices

Cheese – Traditional Medium $5.49
Cheese – Traditional Large $6.49
Pepperoni – Traditional Medium $5.49
Pepperoni – Traditional Large $6.49
Meat Eater – Traditional Medium $8.49
Meat Eater – Traditional Large $9.49
Supreme – Traditional Medium $8.99
Supreme – Traditional Large $9.99
Hawaiian – Traditional Medium $6.58
Hawaiian – Traditional Large $7.58
Spinach Alfredo – Traditional Medium $5.49
Spinach Alfredo – Traditional Large $6.49
Buffalo Chicken – Traditional Medium $5.49
Buffalo Chicken – Traditional Large $6.49
BBQ Pork – Traditional Medium $5.49
BBQ Pork – Traditional Large $6.49
Mac & Cheese – Traditional Medium $5.49
Mac & Cheese – Traditional Large $6.49
Alfredo – Traditional Medium $5.49
Alfredo – Traditional Large $6.49
Veggie – Traditional Medium $6.99
Veggie – Traditional Large $7.99

CiCi’s Pizza (Deep Dish) Prices

Cheese – Deep Dish $7.99
Pepperoni – Deep Dish $7.99
Meat Eater – Deep Dish $9.99

CiCi’s Pizza (Create Your Own) Prices

1 Topping Pizza Medium $5.49
1 Topping Pizza Large $6.49
Add Extra Topping Medium $1.09
Add Extra Topping Large $1.09
Extra Cheese Medium $1.09
Extra Cheese Large $1.09

CiCi’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Prices

Cheese – Stuffed Crust $7.99
Pepperoni – Stuffed Crust $7.99


Cheese Bread $4.99
Ranch Dressing $0.35

Desserts Prices

Cinnamon Rolls $4.99
Brownies $4.99
Apple Pizza $4.99
Bavarian Pizza $4.99

Detailed List of Hometown Buffet Menu with Prices

Hometown Buffet Menu with Prices

About Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet Menu with Prices

Hometown Buffet is an American buffet house that was created by Roe Hatlen in 1983. after two years, the organization became the most prominent buffet brand in the United States.

HomeTown Buffet’s name is also Old Country Buffet and Country Buffet, But by 1999 the organization also obtained Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse and, by 2006, also obtained the whole of Ryan’s Restaurant Group, which combines Fire Mountain Grill, Ryan’s Grill and Buffet and Bakery. Buffets Inc. was later renamed Ovation Brands.

Hometown Buffet Menu with Prices

Hometown Buffet menu covers items like steaks, baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, hand-breaded fried chicken, and a complete array of side dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice and gravy, fresh vegetables, and French fries.

Detailed list of Hometown Buffet  Prices


Weekends (8 am to 11 am) $7.99


Monday – Saturday (11 am to 3:30 pm) $8.99


Monday – Thursday (3:30 pm to 8:30 pm) $11.99
Friday and Saturday (3:30 pm to 9 pm) $11.99
Sunday (11 am to 8:30 pm) $11.99

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500 Happy Birthday Cousin Messages


Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

Whether your Uncle is amazing or Entirely Bothersome They’re Nevertheless Somebody you shared with your youth with. Enjoy between household could be sloppy and loud, but it’s also unwavering, so have a minute on their day to want your cousin a birthday. Following are a few birthday messages that will help inspire you how best to say happy birthday girl.

Ranging from enjoying to witty you will find a number to choose from this Will match your cousin’s character and fashion. Bear in mind that while actions will speak louder than words occasionally saying the words remains important!

1. A birthday is just the beginning of another year at that matter They predict life. It is long and at times amazing, other times hard, but it is made all the greater because I’ve a cousin like you. I hope I can bring you the exact same comfort.

2. Cousins are a bit piece of youth. I’m thankful I had you in my life to appreciate, treasure, and annoy. Happy birthday!

3. I am quite thankful to have you in my own entire life. I will not forget how Blessed and blessed I am to have a cousin . I hope that your birthday is full of cheer and joy.

4. Each birthday is a brand new page on your book of life. Ensure to Fill your webpages with kindness, kindness, and love. You ought to begin with generosity, also discuss that yummy cake with your favorite uncle!

5. You’re more loved than you could perhaps realize. I expect that in your birthday you get enough love to last a life cousin. It’s possible to begin with mine. Happy birthday!

6. Thank you for being the Sort of person who understands all of my defects, however You’re more than just my own cousin. You’re my bestie.

7. Family is linked not only by blood but in heart. Even space And time can’t break our bond. I love you and always will no matter what we undergo. Have an excellent birthday.

8. You mean the world to mepersonally, since You’re the Kind of Person who provides so unselfishly. I am hoping to be half the person that you are daily. Happy birthday!

9. I’m sure I’ve got the best cousin in the world, and that I expect that the Feeling is reciprocal. From one incredible cousin to the next I wish you a happy birthday!

10. I am hoping that this year you awaken having a grin in your face each Single moment. I know you may tomorrow because I got one of the very best birthday present ever. Cake. Happy birthday Woman!

11. I wish you a superb birthday full of hot dreams and a great deal of beer and poultry. Additionally, tacos. Everybody should have tacos in their birthday.

12. Your cake includes numerous candles which it has turned into a fire hazard. Mwahaha. I supposed congrats on becoming old cousin!

Funny Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

13. You might not state it frequently toast, however I know deep down you Totally care for me personally. Deep, deep, deep down in which you can hardly see it. I think exactly the same about you personally, and that I hope your birthday is really spectacular.

14. For the years that you ratted me out to my parents I always forgive you, As it is your birthday. Additionally, I might have ratted you out for parents a few times also.

15. I’m so profoundly blessed to have a cousin like you: fun, adventuresome, And small flighty. You bring boundless joy in my life. I hope you get a lot of gifts, cake and enjoy in your birthday.

16. I Expect you continue to achieve higher and greater in lifestyle. You have already touched the skies, but I understand you might also get to the stars. Happy birthday Woman!

17. I expect you have a birthday as epic as the day you’re born. As I Listen to itwas pretty damn epic. Stay classy, trendy, and astonishing this season old cousin.

18. You’re the Type of person whose effect on the world will depart lasting impressions. I am able to tell, as you have already changed my own life for the better in lots of ways. May all of the good you have done return for you two-fold this season old cousin.

19. The bond of family is far more powerful than any conflict or struggle we have Already been through. I am hoping to continue to become part of each trip that you go through in everyday life. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday into the most adorable, cutest cousin at the world. I hope that your birthday is full of spice, sugar, and everything nice like you.

21. Friendships come and go, but family is for a lifetime. Sometimes that is A great thing, and at times that is a poor thing. 1 thing is for sure, however, obtaining a cousin as fantastic as you’ve brought nothing but happiness in my life.

22. May you live long and thrive cousin, and can you not have a red blouse. Happy birthday that you trekkie you!

23. You mean more to me as you could possibly understand. Though I do not State it often enough that I expect my activities convey my feelings clear and loud: I have only respect and love for all you cousin.

24. As your cousin it is my obligation to wish you happy birthday and also remind You which you are getting older. Actually, really, very old, but that I love you anyhow.

25. I am so blessed I’ve got a cousin as you: a person who arouses greatness. I hope that your year is full of joy, love, and fascinating exploits. Happy birthday Woman!

26. I can not fathom a life without you inside cousin. I can only presume It could be gloomy and dull with no. You’re among the folks who contributes the maximum to my joy in life. Thank you.

27. Thank you for all of the situations you’ve done . I can not even rely All of the ways you’ve been around for me. I’m profoundly touched and tremendously thankful to your own cousin. Happy birthday!

28. Through our many struggles you’ve been kind and patient. I’m Really blessed I have a cousin loving as you. This birthday I hope you get all of the pleasure that your heart may hold.

29. During youth you’re my best friend. Though many Birthdays have come and gone since our friendship isn’t as powerful as ever. Thank you for always sticking in my side.

More Happy Birthday Cousin Messages

30. I adore you’re this a small and simple term, but it conveys the Thickness of my emotions for you. I expect that you feel the sincerity in my own words, since I really mean it. Happy birthday!

31. Your birthday is unique, as it provides me the Chance to Celebrate the day that somebody I adore and esteem came to the world. I expect it is an excellent day for you.

32. I expect that for the birthday You’re showered in amazement, Including mine. I know you’ll return me . Thanks for always being my own power and service.

33. Your pleasure and zest for life inspire me to try for a much better Individual. May your birthday be full of wonder and amazement. Happy birthday Woman!

34. Dear cousin, and I knew I loved you as the day that you were born. I am So proud of everything you have done up to now in life, but I am even prouder of who you have become. Happy birthday!

35. There are a few bonds that endure the test of time. Ours is just one such bond. It is profound and everlasting. You have experienced a deep impact on my own life to the better. Thank you for becoming a constant source of passion.

36. I expect you put the world ablaze along with your own dreams and dreams. If this is so, you may use the fires to light each of the birthday candles on your cake cousin. Happy birthday!

37. Cousins always understand when to help you and more importantly if to Battle you. Thank you for helping me develop as a individual even if I did not wish to. Happy birthday Woman!

38. You attract these glee not only minebut our loved ones lives. May your deepest fantasies and dreams come true this season. Happy birthday Woman!

39. Bear in mind that in the conclusion of the day era is only a number. What Really matters is exactly what you have done with each of the years you have already been given. Continue on being fantastic cousin, and you have got nothing to be worried about. Happy birthday!

40. I hope that your birthday is charming and full of wonder like Hogwarts. Happy birthday Woman!

41. This birthday I needed to Allow You to know You Will forever be An irreplaceable portion of my entire life. I hope that your birthday is as incredible as you’re cousin.

42. You’re such a Superb reminder of everything that makes life great and Entire. Happy birthday to my cousin who glows brighter than sunlight. May you receive a great deal of food and presents on your own birthday!

43. Congrats on having an wonderful human being. You’re the epitome of amazing. Even Daria would believe you’re cool. Happy birthday that you misanthrope you!

44. This birthday let us have a minute to reminisce about all The wonderful memories we have discussed in our own lives. There are also too many to rely so that we could take the entire day if you’d like. I adore you!

45. I hate that we must devote your birthday but I’m thinking of you now. Wishing you love and also a small bit of mad that your way in case you missed me.

46. Since I’ve gotten older I have realized my memories and moments With you’re a few of those which are closest to your own heart. You have made an impression on my life unlike any other, and that I can not imagine not having you as my cousin. Happy birthday!

47. I understand being connected to me personally is the only real birthday present you Want, but just if I brought you wine and cake. You are welcome.

48. You’re such a kind and considerate soul. I am so lucky that I Get to observe with a different year to bask on your amazing presence. May your birthday be full of all of the smiles that a day may bring. Happy birthday Woman!

49. Even If You’re out and down I’ve got faith in you, simply because You are the sort of person who does not understand the significance of the term defeat. This birthday marks the start of the year that you start world domination. I will forever be the minion cousin!

50. Your presence in my entire life is really a source of joy and wonder. I am So happy to be a little portion of your lifetime. Have a stunning birthday !

51. When I had been a vampire I’d certainly give you the present Immortality so that I could have you like a bestie eternally. Regrettably, you will not be receiving the gift of immortality this calendar year, but my love is endless.

52. You’ve always helped me escape difficulty, and therefore I’m thankful. Although, the majority of the time you’re the individual who made me into trouble. Thanks anyhow .

53. I am so blessed I have a Cousin just like you. You’re someone I will always rely on, and that I hope your birthday is full of joy, love, and bliss.

54. If we were small you shared with your possessions, as we have gotten Older you have shared with your own heart. Thank you for being a person I could confide in. I adore you and happy birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Dearest Cousin

55. Since you embark on the next year of existence I’m Beginning to feel nostalgic. Particularly for those occasions when I managed to beat you in everything. Those were great times. May you grow old (or more powerful ).

56. Happy birthday for the coolest cousin I understand. I might only have one But who wants more when they’ve you? Just know that you are my own family blood but my buddy by option.

57. Growing along with a cousin as you’ve been the Best Kind of Experience. I have loved every mad, dumb, and fascinating second spent Together with you. I hope that your birthday is beautiful.

Updated Happy birthday Sister messages 2020


Many aspects to them. They are sometimes a part mother and part buddy. It does not matter exactly the part since all of them have something in common: they always adore you. And that is the reason why it’s essential to obtain the ideal way to say happy birthday . It may be a struggle to locate just the ideal method to communicate how much your sister signifies for you however. Therefore, if your sister looks cool, sure, angry, annoying, or totally cute here are a few wedding wishes that will inspire one for the birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister Messages

  1. Happy birthday to someone who always has just brought love and joy into My own life: my own sister. I hope that your special day provides you what that you could ever want for as you deserve this and a lot more in existence.
  2. Friends can come and go through my entire life, but family is forever. I am quite thankful I have a sister just as lovely as you in my side. There’s not any one I’d rather have as a sister in relation to you personally.
  3. Sister, You’re One unique snowflake okay: distinctively bothersome, Uniquely bossy, also, more to the point, uniquely adorable. I am happy I’ve a sister as impressive as you my entire life.
  4. Growing up I always looked up for youpersonally, as we grow old, I still do. Thank you for always showing me the way it is done with style. Happy birthday for my role model!
  5. Sister, nobody glows as brightly as possible. You do over Stand out in a bunch; then you dazzle people with your generosity and kindness. Thank you for constantly bringing the glow in my own life.
  6. I am hoping your birthday comprises just warm, fuzzy, and enjoyable memories. May it indicate the start of a year full just with promise and hope. Happy birthday nurse!
  7. You’re an remarkable sister. Not only would you always reunite with Adore, but you also love me for who I really am. Thank you for not judging and just adoring me. I am rather grateful.
  8. While I look back in our youth, I now have only happy memories of how Our days together. It warms my heart to understand that we have so a lot more years to enjoy together. Happy birthday nurse!
  9. Thanks for always being my own service system in existence. You’ve got Always been supportive and reassuring me, and I deeply appreciate all you’ve done over the years.

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Funny Happy Birthday Sister Messages

  1. While I think of you, I’m overwhelmed with All of the love I have for you. You’ve been a comfort to me during my entire life, and that I wish you the best in all that you do.
  2. This is to bigger, better, and more rapid decades beforehand. May your Every fantasy come true this season, and can you experience love and happiness. Happy birthday nurse!
  1. Sister, you’re everything I attempt to be: powerful, lovely, and brave. There’s not any greater compliment I can give than to state that you remind me in a lot of methods of our mom.
  2. It is a rare gift to have a sister just as outstanding as you possibly can. You’re The type of person who observes folks on your heat, and I am quite blessed to be your own sister.
  3. You’re a fantastic man, a superb friend, along with an wonderful sister. The entire world is a much better place as you’re inside. Happy birthday to my husband that constantly brings laughter and joy in my life.
  4. Whenever I’m lost or fearful I understand I Can always call youpersonally, And you’ll take my hands and show me how. Happy birthday to my sister that never lets me only lifts up me.
  5. I hope that your birthday is chock filled with moments that match your Heart with love and peace. You’re a wonderful sister, and that I wish you every joy in your special moment. Happy birthday!
  6. You’re so blessed to have this kind of loving, delightful, and lively sister just like me. I mean, you are pretty amazing also. I simply don’t want to allow you to know it! Happy birthday for my awesomesauce sister.
  7. I know That I’m stuck with you , but if I had been able To decide on a second sister, I’d still choose you. You’re such a superb sister, and I am quite blessed that we’re family.
  8. You’re all I could ever need in a sister: darling, Giving, and enjoying. Thanks for filling my life not just bliss but love too. Happy birthday!
  9. There’s no love like this involving sisters; it is the Sort of love That brings forth candy memories and heavenly feelings. Sisters are buddies for life which always have your spine.
  10. Sis, You’re just like a rainbow: fairly, vibrant, and you also make My entire life more energetic. Thanks for constantly emerging after my moist phases in life. Happy birthday nurse!
  11. I am quite thankful that you’re my sister. I can not even understand The way my life could have turned out with no. You’ve brought me indescribable joy in life.
  12. All my favorite childhood memories have something in common: All of them include you. You left my youth all the greater, but it is my future I look forward to discussing with you.
  13. I’d like to believe you’re only born , but I understood you Got it out of me! Fantastic job learning by the master, little sis. Happy birthday for my bothersome but dear sister!
  14. You never doubt I could do anything, and it is since you Always push me that I have become who I am now. Thanks for always being my inspiration in addition to my instructor in existence.
  15. Happy birthday to someone who has improved my life too many Tactics to rely: my incredible sister. I am rather glad I have a sister that constantly fills my days with minutes of cheer.

More Happy Birthday Sister Messages

  1. Your birthday brings several things to mind: love, joy, and Superior feelings. My favourite are the sensation of pure pleasure that I feel in knowing you will always be older than me. Happy birthday from the younger sister!
  2. Though we did not develop much, I remember my Youth as becoming overvalued. That is because it had been filled with priceless moments spent together with you.
  3. You’ve given me a lot in existence: service, maintenance, and adoration Are only a couple. The most important are the unconditional love which you give me. Thanks for always believing in me.
  4. Sister, you’re always my stone in existence. You’ve got an interior Strength I respect so much, also I trust that you understand just how much I respect and love you. Happy birthday!
  5. I hope that your birthday is always Full of only the funniest things existence Can provide: candy, cake, and a husband. I have got that husband down part, so I am leaving the candy and cake up parts for you!
  6. To your birthday I want you unthinkable happiness and endless happiness. If anybody desires to be treated as a princess in her birthday, then it is you.
  7. Sister, you’ve got a very unique ability in existence, although It is possible to make me so angry, you make me grin at the conclusion of the day. I am rather glad I have a sister just as magnificent as you possibly can.
  8. You’re the best sister in the entire world. Other sisters ought to take Classes about the way to be wonderful out of you since you’re that great! Happy birthday for my ideal sister.
  9. The bond we all share is as precious as it’s irreplaceable. I’m so Thankful that I have this kind of considerate sister in my entire life. I hope that in your birthday is full of a great deal of beauty, delight, and pleasure.
  10. I truly do cherish the memories of the days together, as my life is much better because of a loving existence. Happy birthday for my genuinely loved and adored sister!
  11. Sister, no other individual could hold a candle for you, because You’re just too hot to handle! Happy birthday for my elderly, beautiful, and amazing sister.
  12. As sisters, we discuss so many items: failures, successes, and also Magnificent memories together. Thank you for always giving me a shoulder to cry in my times of need and also a predator to bulge in my days of victory!
  13. Sis, you are just like a piece of chocolatesweet, decadent, Addictive, and you bring my mood up once I am grumpy! Thanks for constantly adding sweetness and enjoy my life.
  14. Regardless of What happens in existence, you can always count on me to be more There for you. That is what big sisters are looking for. I am there for you personally rain, shine, or something in between, however that I hope your birthday is filled with just clear heavens.
  15. When we were kids we struggled when we were adolescents we contended, As adults, we’ve heated conversations. Hey, at that speed once we’re older we will not have any fire ! Just kidding. There is nothing I enjoy more than the fire you bring into your own life.
  16. Having a sister is like being blessed having 2 of what. 2 Closets, two collections of cosmetics, and 2 hearts which are constantly attached. Thank you to sharing your items together with me when you did not wish to.
  17. Few people can cope with my Degree of mad, but you constantly do! It probably does not hurt that you are only a little mad also (in the very best manner possible).
  18. An astonishing sister just like you ought to possess an astonishing day on Your birthday! I expect it heralds the beginning of a brand new year full of great times and good friends. May you get whatever that your heart desires this season. Happy birthday!
  19. Phenomenal girl, and that I could not be pleased to call you my loved ones. I hope that your birthday is just half as amazing as possible.
  20. You are powerful, stunning, affectionate, and loving; essentially, you’re perfection. As your infant sister, I would like you to know I hate you just a small bit, but that I adore you even more !
  21. If my days are dim, you’re my light, also if I’m missing, you Direct me home. Thanks for constantly bringing sun and beliefs into my own life. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Happy Birthday Sister

  1. It makes me sad when I believe There Are individuals out there Who are not lucky enough to possess sisters since you’ve brought a lot of affection and love into my own life. Happy birthday for my sister!
  2. A sister is much like homework: essentially, a essential evil. It is frustrating, but it makes it possible to understand so much better. Only kidding, thanks for being my instructor in existence. Happy birthday!
  3. I am rather happy I possess the liberty of calling my sister. I can think of nobody I’d rather have as my own sister/bestie compared to you. Thank you for constantly bothers me with support and love.