Mikrolån (Microloans) Are A Financial Solution Many Hope For

Microfinance is not a term many people are likely familiar with, but it can be exceptionally beneficial for individuals with limited access to traditional financial solutions.

Microloans are more straightforward, often with approval på minuttet (per minute) within the same day for hopeful entrepreneurs or small to medium size businesses unable to obtain financing, often due to “systemic inequality or a direct correlation with poverty.”

Globally it is suggested that over a billion deem “unbanked” or with limited means for navigating their financial challenges in order to get through them successfully. Some reasons for these hurdles include:

  1. Few banks in the country
  2. No internet or mobile access
  3. No government ID to open an account.
  4. Lack of lender-approved collateral
  5. Inequalities based on either wealth or gender, lack of education.

And more. The objective of microfinancing is to make financial solutions accessible, including savings and lending, so individuals have a chance to gain stability and grow.

What Is a Microloan?

Microloans or microfinancing are specifically financial solutions made available to individuals who would typically not be given access to a traditional banking product. Find out the fundamentals of microcredit at https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/microcredit.asp#:~.

These are created for people turned away by traditional financial institutions, instead of being provided by specialized entities referred to as Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). “Micro” is a description referring to the size of the loan product. 

These are usually small balances ranging from a couple of hundred dollars in the US to a few thousand, varying for each country. The agenda is to provide sufficient funds to change the person’s situation while still being comfortable with the repayment amount.

In many countries like Norway, the sum might be small, but the effect is great for those attempting to establish a small to medium-sized business or develop a startup. 

These are sustainable methods for the borrower to expand their income. The drive behind microloans is primarily to (quote) “eradicate worldwide poverty and establish a sense of financial inclusion whereas there is access to solutions to enable economic agency and financial freedom for everyone.” (end quote).

What Are the Benefits of Microloans

Microfinance solutions enable those with limited access to have options with extensions of credit and financial services. That can mean establishing a small business, getting an education, or expanding from a point where they have become stagnant.

Consider these advantages for those who do not have access to traditional banking solutions. 

  • The additional funding can lead to an increase in individual wealth.

You may not have been able to produce a good income because you were not able to get an education. You may have a vital skill set to become a viable small business, but you do not have the financing to back you because you are a woman, and in your country, you need to fight somewhat harder for equality.

With a microloan, women have more significant opportunities to realize their aspirations despite the hurdles they face. 

Anyone facing challenges in reaching their goals for whatever reason, whether poverty, lack of education, or any kind of inequality, is extended the solution they need to make it beyond their challenge.

When they get that extra nudge, these potential entrepreneurs, business leaders, or postgraduates can see success in the future, something they did not think would be possible.

  • Creating a small business opportunity for one person can snowball.

When a hopeful entrepreneur or small business leader can fund the opening of their company, these successes go more in-depth than merely that one individual or even the people they hire to help run their company. As the business expands and grows, the community will benefit from the jobs this business creates.

The economy will benefit, and a small country will reap the rewards from the initiative of these individuals who fought to make their dreams a reality despite being turned down by the traditional financial institutions. 

Microloans enrich countries by helping these people to thrive where they might have been wallowing in poverty.

  • Works in an attempt to close the gender gap.

Social norms in some countries do not support equality among the genders. Women looking for funding to work outside of the home, particularly as a business leader or an entrepreneur, or to get an education in order to do so, are then rejected by the traditional financial institutions.

The suggestion is that a significant portion of microloans goes to women seeking funding for enterprises or small to medium enterprises and those preferring to get their education. With adequate funding, women are able to realize financial inclusion.

That means a lesser degree of dependence, more financial freedom, and a greater level of self-confidence. View here for women receiving microcredit to build on their dreams.

What Are the Basic Terms and Conditions of Microfinancing

A cartoon of a person holding a bag of money

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceMicrofinancing works comparably to traditional financing solutions, with interest being charged on the balance limit and a repayment plan established with these set-in installments. With some lenders, a savings account must be contributed to, serving in an insurance capacity in case of default.

Some lenders also want to address the circumstances that led to needing the loan to avoid the potential of getting back into that situation. The interest rates are usually considerably higher than a traditional financial institution. 

These clients tend to use the funding for entrepreneurship or small businesses, often a greater risk to the lender. The greater the risk, the higher the interest rate with most financial solutions.

How Can You Get Approved for a Microloan

Approval guidelines for a microloan are relatively similar to that of a standard banking loan. Usually, these borrowers are applying for a loan to start a business, so a few more steps need to be followed.

  • Establish and present a solid business plan.

Lenders want to see that you have a solid strategy in place for your business. That will include an “established budget, a mission statement, outline, your vision, advertising strategies, market research, an operating plan, and designation for the funding.” The bank is more eager to invest in your endeavor when you appear committed.

  • Review your credit profile and maintain a good history.

You will likely have few finances currently, but establishing a solid credit score will make a positive impression. Staying on top of your credit profile regularly is essential to keep it accurate and pay attention to the score. 

The objective will be to make regular, on-time repayments to boost the score considerably. With consistent checks, you will be able to catch discrepancies and have these corrected immediately.

  • Try to offer a personal guarantee if you have nothing of value to show for collateral.

A personal guarantee legally speaks of your promise to make the repayments on your debt. If you do not have a form of collateral acceptable to the lender, this can serve in its place. 

Final Thought

A borrower taking advantage of a microloan will immediately benefit from the funds to support a small or medium-sized business or enterprise or establish a startup. These clients are individuals who usually would not have access to traditional financial solutions for a number of several reasons.

Often these can include being in a country with few traditional banking institution options, inequalities relating to wealth or gender, lack of education, lack of mobile or web access, and on. 

In some countries, funding borrowers to establish new businesses not only allows these individuals to thrive but encourages community growth and development with new jobs and offers economic stability to the country.

Microfinancing aims to provide a small sum to those unable to otherwise gain access to funding that would give them the nudge they need to move toward their life objectives. 

The amounts are small, but the impact is significant since it allows the growth these individuals seek and helps most meet their goals.

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