Getting Your Life Back When Your Husband Bolts

When you know that your marriage is falling apart and not functioning properly for a decent time, the divorce comes as an obvious and long-waited outcome. But suppose you have a loving spouse, dream family life, and happiness in the little things. So when the marriage termination strikes, you are left numb, pained, and lacking the energy and desire to live on.

No matter the situation you are in, you are not alone and this is not the reason to doom your personal happiness. Learn more about runaway husbands and strategies on how to overcome sudden divorce and move on without any complications. 

How It All Happened

Suppose you were having lasting and steady relationships, understood each other without words, and committed equally to nurturing love and trust, all friends envied you, but then your spouse announced he wanted to quit. So that you have no other option than to wonder legal separation or how your marriage has come to such a halt. 

The Runaway Husband

Your husband may have announced the wish for cheap divorce out of the blue, probably during a casual chat or daily activity. The reason was like ‘I don’t love you anymore’, or ‘I’ve been cheating on you for the past year and want to move in with my girlfriend’, etc. But it may not be enough for you to understand how your dream life has suddenly turned into your nightmare.

The point of walkaway husband syndrome is as follows. He is so deeply loving and attentive to his wife because he depends on her emotionally very tightly. To the extent that it irritates the runaway husband and forces him to quit the marriage not to feel vulnerable and boost his self-esteem.

The Abandoned Wife

The abandoned wife syndrome is a typical response to runaway husband behavior. A woman is usually shocked and devastated by the fact that their normal marriage turned out to be a disaster. Maybe, you can’t stand husband and won’t even wish to hear about him anymore but it is typically not to be able to get your failed marriage out of your head. 

The abandoned wife is usually seeking her own fault in the failed relationships and the runaway husband extensively supports the thought. But the truth is that your marriage was doomed a long time ago when you said ‘yes’ to a man with a corrupted mind. So, you have no other option but to let it go and move forward to a better life. 

How to Put Your Life Together

1Assess Your Emotions: Allow yourself to feel the emotions, such as shock, anger, sadness, and confusion. Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist.
2Practical Matters: Gather important documents (legal, financial, personal), and secure your finances by understanding your financial situation.
3Support System: Build a strong support network of friends and family who can provide emotional support and help with practical tasks.
4Legal Consultation: Consult a lawyer to understand your rights regarding property, assets, and any legal processes like divorce or separation.
5Financial Independence: Develop a financial plan that includes budgeting, managing existing assets, and seeking potential sources of income.
6Housing and Living Arrangements: Evaluate your living situation and consider your options for staying in your current home or finding a new place to live.
7Childcare and Family Matters: If you have children, establish a plan for their care, custody, and support.
8Personal Growth: Focus on self-care, explore new hobbies, or revisit old interests to help boost your self-esteem and well-being.
9Career and Education: Reevaluate your career goals and consider updating your skills or pursuing further education for better opportunities.
10Health and Wellness: Prioritize your physical and mental health through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and practicing relaxation techniques.
11Social Reconnection: Reconnect with old friends, make new connections, and consider joining social groups to expand your social circle.
12Therapeutic Support: Consider individual or group therapy to work through your emotions, develop coping strategies, and rebuild your life.
13Future Plans: Set new goals for yourself, whether they’re related to personal growth, career, or other areas of your life.
14Legal Proceedings: If necessary, proceed with any legal actions like divorce while prioritizing your emotional well-being.
15Forgiveness and Closure: Work towards forgiving your husband for your own peace of mind, but prioritize your own healing over reconciliation.
16Moving Forward: Embrace your newfound independence, continue to focus on self-improvement, and create a fulfilling life for yourself.

When your husband runs away with no remorse, he leaves behind your broken heart and ruined life you have neither strength nor inspiration to put together. But the point is that it is not you who brought your relationships to an end so why do you have to suffer? Your task is to find your way to happiness and go through it with courage no matter the complications. Here is how you can succeed:

  1. Survive the Initial Shock

The initial response to your spouse bolting is a shock. You will probably be numb in your thoughts and actions. Your main task will be to take care of yourself through hard times. Try to follow the regular routine, sleep and eat well and hold yourself together until you are ready for the next steps.

  1. Accept the Truth

Your marriage is over. That’s it. You don’t need your husband back. Stop thinking and overthinking how you could have made things better. What has brought your relationships to the current state? Why couldn’t you live on together? And so on, and so forth. You will only waste your time, and energy, and get your progress stuck after marriage failure. 

  1. He Has Already Left

You may suffer so much that your spouse doesn’t seem to care about your divorce at all. They are not torn with hesitations, feelings of guilt, or disappointment. Your runaway husband has just moved on to a new and better life without you.

Their secret is that they have passed through all the turbulence months or years ago. They had already digested the thought of divorce and had left emotionally long before your spouse announced about the breakup physically. 

Now it is your time for hesitations, feeling roller coasters, and drastic decisions. Give yourself a chance and you will manage to move forward soon. 

  1. Count on Support

No matter how tough it is for you to stop your brain from hovering over the thought about runaway husbands do they come back, you can successfully make it through with trustworthy support by your side. It is vital to have a team of friends and relatives who you can lean on in your darkest time. They will be there to listen to you, prevent you from slipping into depression, and encourage you to direct your life toward happiness. 

  1. Be Proud to Be Single

Another thing that can help you to get back to being yourself and become even better is celebrating being single. You need to treasure the fact that you have been deprived of unhappy and fake relationships, that you are now fully independent and solemnly responsible for your life, that you have battled the desire to go into depression, and so on. This will boost your self-esteem and lead to a better life soon. 

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