How to Apply for Commonwealth Scholarship for International Students in 2024

Are you ready to turn your dream of travelling to the United Kingdom into reality? There are thousands of other Nigerians with the same ambition. While many have been able to achieve their dreams, so many have not. If you do not want to be left behind, it’s time to start working towards that Commonwealth scholarship you crave.

You can begin by creating a dream board that helps to highlight the how, when, and why you would like to travel to the United Kingdom. Since education is the reason, you are lucky. As of today, there are thousands of schools offering admission to international students, and a good number of schools are willing to admit based on scholarships.

Ever heard of Commonwealth? It is one of the most popular scholarship commissions in the UK. It is for the people who are passionate about research, innovations, and impact. If this is you, you might want to check it out.

Scholarship Packages to Expect

Commonwealth scholarships are popular for their all-around effect on selected students, and rightly so. The scholarship does not only cater to the school fees but also gives away the following:

  • Approved airfare

If you’re ever lucky to get the Commonwealth scholarship, you do not have to worry about airfare. The Commonwealth Commission takes care of your transport too! The scholarship program ensures all their recipients get the amount they need to move from their home country to the United Kingdom and back to their own country. However, the Commonwealth Commission will not be responsible should a recipient decide to stay back the year of the scholarship or if the recipient decides to go before the scholarship process begins

  • Living Allowance

Apart from getting your airfare and tuition fees, you also get a living allowance, which enables you to have additional funds for day-to-day lifestyle management. And yes, the amount is fair. Right now, you are likely going to get a living allowance that ranges between €1347 amount to €1652

  • Thesis Grant

Towards the end of your scholarship, you’d be expected to write a dissertation. Of course, writing a thesis requires effort and funds. While you need to put all the effort you can to make this possible, the Commonwealth Commission is ready to support you with funds. 

  • Study Travel Grant

The willingness to make it easy for all recipients of the scholarship also shows in the readiness to fund all study-related movements. Should you need to travel within the country for research purposes while you study, taking money from your pocket isn’t necessary as the Commonwealth Commission has a program in place to ensure you get accurate funds for activities like this.

  • Contribution for a mandatory tuberculosis (TB)test

One of the tests you’d need to take before applying for a visa is the TB test which will be completely paid for by the commonwealth commission.

Eligibility For Commonwealth Commission Scholarship

Passionate about innovation, making an impact, and creating change – do these qualities describe you? You are right to be here. Here is everything you need to be eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

  • Availability

Before you can be considered for admission, you need to be clear about your availability. If you’re sure that you will be ready to resume by September 2024, you can apply. Otherwise, this may not be the scholarship for you.

  • Academic excellence

Like many other scholarships in the UK, academic excellence is one of the priorities. Commonwealth is particular about getting the best candidates so you would need to have obtained a first degree in a reputable institution where you got first-class, second-class upper, or second-class lower honours. You also need to have a relevant postgraduate degree, precisely a master’s degree before you are considered for the scholarship.

  • Lack of Funds for the school

In the consideration and the admission process, the Commonwealth Commission ensures that all recipients are people who genuinely need the scholarship. If you can afford the tuition fee, you’ll likely not get it!

  • Correct documentation

One of the first things to do before applying for the scholarship is to prepare the necessary documents as demanded by the commission. Failure to do this may be interpreted as unpreparedness which means you will not get the scholarship.

  • Be a citizen or be a refugee.

It’s not enough that you have all of the above. The Commonwealth Commission cannot trust your integrity. So, of course, you must be a citizen of the commonwealth before applying for the scholarship or in another case, should have been given refugee status by an eligible commonwealth company.

Getting your desired scholarship anywhere in the world is no easy feat let alone getting one into a Commonwealth Commission, one of the most popular and impactful scholarship programs in years.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason you shouldn’t invest your all should you get an opportunity for this type of scholarship. Read what’s necessary and get your necessary documents as soon as you can. You may just be on your journey towards the fulfillment of dreams.

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