(Updated 2024) Cici’s Pizza Menu and Prices – Buffet Price, Specials, To go ETC

About CiCi’s Pizza

CiCi’s Pizza is an American buffet restaurant chain based in Texas. Joe Croce and Mike Cole founded it in 1985 at Plato, Texas. And since 1985, CiCi’s Pizza has managed to open more than 600 stores in different parts of America.

As you may have known from the name that the brand is specialized in making pizzas. Apart from pizzas, CiCi’s Pizza buffet has also made a name by expanding their buffet offering in a very affordable price range.

As you may have known from the name, I will tell you the CiCi’s Pizza menu in this article. Apart from the menu, I will tell you the contact and franchising information of CiCi’s Pizza.

CiCi’s Pizza has more than 600 restaurants in 35 states of America. It’s the greatest pizza buffet franchise in the united states and this is the way it will cost you to open up a CiCi’s Pizza store.

Cicis Pizza’s History

Joe Croce & Mike Cole opened CiCi’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant in Plano, Texas, in 1985. The concept of the restaurant was simple yet innovative. It offered an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at a low price.
Cicis’ early efforts were focused on expanding in Texas and improving its buffet to attract families, students, and pizza lovers; Cicis’s value-driven concept was well received by customers.

Cicis had expanded into many states in the Southern and Midwestern United States by the early 1990s. The company’s commitment to delivering fresh, high-quality ingredients in pizzas and a family-friendly atmosphere was responsible for this growth.

Cicis has continued to expand its presence over the years, opening more locations and improving its menu, which now includes a greater variety of pizza toppings and flavors. In 2001, it launched its first nationwide advertising campaign. This increased its visibility and brand recognition.

Cicis completed a rebranding in 2015. This included updating the logo and modernizing restaurants to provide a better dining experience. Cicis also expanded its menu to include pasta, desserts, salads, etc., giving diners more choices to complement their pizza.

Cicis operates more than 300 locations throughout the United States. They serve millions of customers annually. Cicis continues to adhere to its founding principles, which include offering delicious and affordable pizzas in a family-friendly and welcoming environment despite the changes in consumer tastes and the restaurant business.

CiCi’s Pizza Menu with Prices 2024

CiCi’s Pizza menu is known for its wide variety of Pizza. The ingredients used in their Pizza mainly consist of meats, fresh and cooked vegetables, and herbs to the quirky chocolates, marshmallows, and tofu, among others.

Using all these ingredients, you can have a buffet having your customized Pizza at an affordable price. You can get a decent meal here for around $10. So let’s check out the CiCi’s menu that I’ve been talking about.

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Cici Pizza Buffet Updated Prices 2024

The answer to your question is surprising: not very much. According to our most recent update, an Adult Buffet at Cici’s costs around $8.99. However, this price may differ slightly depending on location. You can enjoy unlimited pizza, pasta, salads and desserts. Cici’s Buffet is a great value for those with a voracious appetite and / or love of variety.

Cici’s offers affordable beverages to compliment your meal if you’re interested in Cici’s pizza prices. You can satisfy your thirst with a variety of drinks including iced drinks, soft drinks and fountain drinks.

Kids Combo (Includes Kids Drink, Ages 4-10)$4.49
Kids 3 & Under$1.39

Wings Updated Prices

Wings5 Pc.$4.49
Wings10 Pc.$8.49
Wings20 Pc.$15.99

Prices for Drinks

Kids (Ages 10 and Under Only)$1.39

CiCi’s Pizza (Traditional Crust) Prices

Cheese – TraditionalMedium$5.49
Cheese – Traditional

Cicis Favorites

Spinach AlfredoMedium$3.99
Spinach AlfredoLarge$5.74
Mac & CheeseMedium$3.99
Mac & CheeseLarge$5.74
Zesty Ham & CheddarMedium$3.99
Zesty Ham & CheddarLarge$5.74
Zesty PepperoniMedium$3.99
Zesty PepperoniLarge$5.74
Zesty VeggieMedium$3.99
Zesty VeggieLarge$5.74

Pan Pizzas
Cheese Pan$5.74
Pepperoni Pan$5.74
Meat Eater Pan$5.74
Supreme Pan$5.74
Stuffed Crust
Cheese Stuffed Crust$5.74
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust$5.74

Hot Buffalo Wings5 Wings$4.99
Hot Buffalo Wings10 Wings$8.99
Hot Buffalo Wings20 Wings$17.99
Hot Buffalo Wings50 Wings$41.99
Mild Buffalo Wings5 Wings$4.99
Mild Buffalo Wings10 Wings$8.99
Mild Buffalo Wings20 Wings$17.99
Mild Buffalo Wings50 Wings$41.99
Bbq Wings5 Wings$4.99
Bbq Wings10 Wings$8.99
Bbq Wings20 Wings$17.99
Bbq Wings50 Wings$41.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings5 Wings$4.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings10 Wings$8.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings20 Wings$17.99
Garlic Parmesan Wings50 Wings$41.99
Naked Wings5 Wings$4.99
Naked Wings10 Wings$8.99
Naked Wings20 Wings$17.99
Naked Wings20 Wings$41.99

Sides And Desserts
Cinnamon Rolls$4.99
Fudge Brownies$5.99
Cheesy Bread$4.99
Dipping sauce(Ranch)2 Oz$0.50
Dipping sauce(Blue Cheese)2 Oz$0.50
Dipping sauce(Marinara)2 Oz$0.50

FAQs about Cicis Pizza:

  1. What kind of pizzas does Cicis offer?

Cicis has a variety of pizzas, including traditional favorites such as pepperoni & cheese, and specialty pizzas like buffalo chicken, mac n cheese, and BBQ chicken.

  1. Does Cicis offer gluten-free choices? 

Cicis currently does not provide gluten-free crusts. Cicis does offer gluten-free options, such as salads and menu items.

  1. Can you order online to have it delivered or for carryout? 

Cicis accepts online orders for both delivery and takeout. Visit their website or their app to order.

  1. Is there a vegan option available? 

Cicis doesn’t have a specific vegan pizza on its menu. However, you can customize the pizza by adding various vegetables and requesting no cheese to make it vegan-friendly.

  1. Does Cicis have any specials or discounts?

 Cicis offers many promotions and discounts for military personnel, students, and large groups. Check their website for the latest deals, or ask at your local Cicis.


Cicis Pizza has a wide variety of pizzas that will satisfy any craving. From classic pepperoni to specialty options and unique combinations. Customers can still choose from various customizable options, even though they don’t have vegan or gluten-free pizzas available. Cicis offers convenient online ordering, as well as occasional discounts. This makes sharing delicious pizzas with family and friends is affordable and easy.

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