5 Compelling Reasons Why International School Education is a Wise Investment

Let’s face it, there are schools and there are schools and the standard of education that your child receives has a big impact on their adult life. If your son or daughter is approaching school age, now is the time to start thinking about a suitable school and with that in mind, here are some very good reasons to enrol your child in an established international school.

  1. Academic excellence – When you take a close look at an international school’s academic performance, you will find they are on or near the top. High GPAs are standard at Brighton College International School, where they use the UK National Curriculum and all teachers are British. High GPA means you can choose which university you attend and that is a very attractive proposition for any student.
  2. English fluency – If your children are not native English speakers, they need to learn English at the earliest opportunity and the best way to do that is to enrol them in a top Bangkok international school, where English is the language of instruction. Listening to English for 6 hours a day leads to rapid development and by the time your child reaches Year 6, they would be intermediate level, which would rise to fluent by the time they reach Year 12. It is crucial for Thai students to have a level of fluency in English, which will empower them in later life.
  3. Critical thinking & problem-solving skills – To be successful in this fast-paced world, students need to have good critical thinking skills while being able to solve problems as they arise. The British curriculum incorporates essential skills into the program and those with leadership potential are quickly recognised and are given more responsibility. Click here for tips on motivating children to learn.
  4. Global culture – When your son or daughter studies at an international school, they are exposed to kids from other cultures, which leads to them having a balanced outlook and the ability to integrate into a global community. When we grow up in a multi-cultural environment, we know how to integrate into a foreign culture and broaden our horizons with a universal outlook.
  5. GCSE & A-Level – When international school students reach Year 9, they sit their GCSE exams and depending on the results, they then choose specific subjects to focus on in Years 11 & 12. Armed with 2-3 A-Level passes, a student can enter the university of their choosing and go on to a BA. The UK National Curriculum is globally accepted as the best in the world and the vast majority of international schools use this curriculum, which is delivered by qualified British teachers who understand the child-centred approach. 

If you would like to learn more about international school education, search online for a list of international schools in Thailand and start the process of choosing the best education for your child.

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